Thursday, May 24, 2012

         some time when you surrender your self it says not to think   

After a  period of time when the time move forward the things changes and the mind is a parachute it also  think
in many direction and it puts to do some thing on the same which you see daily and then the slowly a drop of not to think not to think starts  thinking very fast and a same thinking comes and stuck on the mind  many times
it work as the neutron  proton and once it becomes assembled and in a sudden movement it bust as a bomb were others feel shock .

                        To get ride from this cue come and relax the mind for a while and make a good practise of meditation and enjoy the universe in whole as a whole and all human being are a small part and playing a small part of action in this world drama this a play going on in all of your  four sides .

                         so enjoy it as a movie around u every seen is different and unique role of everyone  and one main thing is please get some time to connect your self with the creator of the universe to be contentment and put your self in a safe mode.