Thursday, November 17, 2011

Try This......... For self development

Most of the people know  what to do and  what to not but the thing is  we also come across the thing which make us upset and after a long time we realize it and that time is some thing different were we loose all our energy and knowing the right way we cannot handle it and some what i can say that we are out of the track and at this time though we know all the things and right way also but now we need a coach and it is for the time being as we all know when the accident happens we are unable to get up so some one comes and lifts us to the home or to the hospital for the time and after some time we become fine and again we start our routine.                        
                                                     so thing for the self development is working here we as to take time for our self and it should be very serious to follow because here is more chances to get ride out of the box once we make a timetable for self but we fail to follow it u all know better. but in a physical attitude we do perfect all of u go for job on the time u know that if u fail to reach on time u will lose it so what i want to say is be humble to the self and do the law for the self . take a peace of paper and write what u want and think once before u right and may u take your own time to write it is up to u what u want in your life what ever may been but it should give peace to mind . once u decided then finish it on paper and keep it in such a way that you can have a look many time in a day  read it as many time as you can but daily with out missing and set the above exercise this is a primary exercise start it doing this exercise.
                 slowly we will make a change what type of change we should do i will share in next blog so please go to this and share your feelings with me by comments may be right or wrong whatever u can share take care.have a nice day.

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

It is What the trigger to put u up.....

Today Morning  i  got a  man  near to my bed i was surprised that he  was my friend and long ago he was working  with me and we both at free time make fun and have lunch and dinner at the  same table but as the  time changes  the situation changes  we all  know but  he  went to his native places by a urgent call from is home some serious thing happen and is mother was admitted in a hospital so i also got the tension  that  what is next step and  as a friend what should  i do for him nothing i did  but as usual  i  share  the  words of humble and motivated that everything happen for better so d`not worry and keep in touch with me my number is  with you. After some day no sms from him i think it means a Good  sign he is o.k and everything fine. i thought.  after two month  one day early morning he came and i was in a deep sleep and as i came to my bed and made a funny voice as usual it was a great shock to me but soon i realized and then i made a big fire words now him he came to know and not a single word come out of his mouth.
                                                            O.k. i thing now you are becoming boring so  i may finish it first what the theme is some time we get anger with the friendship also and think as a authority it some time gives pain so be as a child forget and forgive everyone and even to every second of your life remember only the main thing which deliver the food and job and pay attension to self and a small mental work continue to forgive others and you will  after some practice you will enjoy a great peace which the people and environment need today.

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Why It is happening With me Only....... Do u think So........

Hello  hi  how  are  you  you will  say quite nothing everything  is  right  but  when i will  ask  you again  the  question then i think you answer will be same  but  when ask the  same question  then  it may the answer is different. quite it happens naturally because yo might be having lot of work and less time or any other thing
a tiny little thought  in your mind working and little bit tension of me that i am  not having any job but making the people to do one more job by asking question as above.

                                                         Thank you for reading this silly article which is nothing but  my words and my self experience which i wanted to share  with you i came  across with my environment i feel  bad of myself when some say  something to me without my fault and due to my intro word nature some take the advantage of this and they through their anger on me and now it has become their habit. So it is not as what you feel above the same thing happen with me daily our elders take advantage of younger ones.

But d`nt worry now  i got a solution which is working  good to  me  and say thanks to god who had given the knowledge to handle all the situation  whenever the dishonest comes to meet you by and other way please get in to the self and think beyond that u are having the extreme power inself and the situation is external to activate the power of your inside .  the situation are not nagetive the all obstacals are a fire troops to explore your inner beauty and make you a real hero.

                             Have a Nice and clear Picture of all the Things which are Happening around You and take a Positive Action. which make you Benefit for Birth by Birth.   


Courage is something  which is a power it work like anything which is beyond the thinking some time and to get it you need is to connect with the self and have faith in self and one thing is important " never never give up".

Monday, November 7, 2011

Platinium JUbilee and Sant Samelan 2011

4th Nov To 8th Nov 2011  Platinium Jubilee And Sant Samelan  Celebrated By Brahmakumaris at Shantivan.